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OEM IP68 Military and Police Rechargeable Long Distance Led Laser Light Torch   

★Using the latest laser technology

★Safety case packing

★multifunctional handheld

★Lightweight for easy use with ergonomic pistol grip

★Switch perfectly positioned for easy on/off

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  • Model: 9910-LA
  • Illumination(Lux): 5m=20000 Lux:
  • Irradiation distance: 8000M
  • Capacity: 3.7V 2400mah Lithium
  • Working Time: 1H/2.5H
  • Charging Time: 4.5H

JGL Long Distance Led Laser Light Torch Using Lithium technology, it is now lighter and has a longer run time.It can also delivering more than 10 times the brightness of LED, minimal power consumption,long lifetime. 

The long distance LED laser light torch is a compact portable laser light that produces incredibly strong light.



1: DO NOT aim at person. DO NOT aim at mirrors, glasses or other reflective surfaces. DO NOT aim at aircrafts or vehicles in operations. 

2.Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep the light out of the reach of children. 

3.Because lithium-ion battery can self-discharge, it is suggested to remove the battery during storage and keep the lithium-ion battery charged approximately a period of time. 

4.It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology. It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature.

5.When the light is uncomfortable to hold due to the increased heat, please turn the light off until it cools down. 


Subject : 9910-LA

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