Led Maintenance Work Light

  The Maintenance Work Light is light in weight and can be held in a variety of ways, such as a hand held device. It also has a magnetic adsorption function, which is convenient to carry and use. The lamp head can be adjusted up and down within a range of 120 °. Can also be used as a mobile table lamp.

  Strong light inspection work lights are suitable for various sites to provide long-time work and emergency lighting for railway inspection operations,public works patrols,vehicle maintenance,metallurgy,plant power,network power,flood prevention and disaster relief and other industries.

  JGL LED Maintenance work light High brightness, strong light range up to 800 meters, effective illumination distance of 500 meters, strong light continuous lighting time of about 10 hours, extremely high brightness, continuous working light lighting time of 20 hours, fully meet the needs of long shifts, operations, inspections.

  Equipped with a function to charge the mobile phone battery, which can meet the needs of emergency charging of the mobile phone, and has a real-time power display function to know the remaining power and available time of the lamp at any time.

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