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JGL Professional 72w Rechargeable 6000lm Collapsible Work Light For Jobsite, Rescue, Maintenance

★Easy carry and Lightweight

★12V Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery or Lithium battery 

★High /Mddle/Low/SOS Switch

★Beam Spread 360 Degrees

★4 meters corldess leads

★Box size: 10.5''(L)*8''(W)*7''(H)

★1 second Flood to spot

Color Option

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  • Model: 5JG-RLS9972
  • Rated Power: 72W
  • Rated Brightness: 6000lm
  • Capacity: 12V 10AH Lithium/12V 17AH Lead-Acid
  • Working Time: 8H-33H
  • Charging Time: 5.5H
  • Mass Height Extended: 1.02M

Light up the world anywhere you want. JGL offers a wide array of Portable Scene Light and remote area lighting,this light focus on portability.

1.Primary Sockets12V Auxiliary Sockets


3.Low Battery Warning Intermittent Blinking

4.Weight9.5 KG

5.Battery number1 piece

6.0.1 second change spot to flood

"flood" beam best for lighting up a large area at a short distance.  Flood beams are great for general home repair, automotive work, reading, maintenance and any other “up close" activities.

"spot" beam pattern have a narrow, focused beam that are best for lighting up a small area at a long range.Spot beams are great for firefighting, search and rescue, hunting, utility lineman – any time you need a long range beam.JGL construction site lights have an adjustable focus beam. This means that you can choose if you want to have a wide flood beam or a focused spot beam by adjusting the cover.



Subject : 5JG-RLS9972

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