JGL LED Strobe Light

  Driving at night was very dangerous in the early 20th century. The driver is illuminated by a kerosene lamp, using gesture signals and shouts to tell others about the maneuvering action to be performed, while guessing to predict the movement of other vehicles on the road.

  Since there were fewer cars at the time and the speed was slower, and they only occasionally avoided the carriage, they could still cope, but we have made great progress now:

  Advances in kerosene lamps to incandescent bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic LED provide a more reliable and efficient source of light.

  The role of flashing is to remind, warning, for example, if there is an emergency, you need to attract the attention of others, you can open the flash, then others will notice you.

  LED warning lights are used for different colors of lights in mechanical equipment, roads, docks, etc. to communicate the corresponding operations to people.

  JGL LED Strobe Light with ECE R65,R10,SAE Class1 approve emergency light,Long lift-Span,Waterproof!Durable black or any color available housing.Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up.There is no need to worry about driving at night or rainy and foggy weather.

  JGL will upgrade more kinds of LED light to meet the market‘s need.Are you interested in our new light?Click to our website to have a look.


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