Earthquake of magnitude 8 happened in Mexico causing collapse of buildings ,roads damage and injuries.And the government try hard to rescue the survivals. A lot of people became homeless and had to huddle in shelter.

Earthquakes always happen suddenly before people are aware of it.How to protect ourselves when earthquake happen?Here are some tips for all of us.

When you are indoor: Choose to hide in small room or solid furnitures.

Catch the strong objects.

Don’t stay near windows or balcony.

Keep calm and shut off the power, gas, quickly grabbed a pillow or cushion cover in a safe corner to protect head.

When you are outdoor: To avoid the crowds, don’t crowded disorderly and light, because there might be flammable and explosive gas in the air.

To avoid tall buildings, such as buildings, tall chimney, water tower, to avoid the intersection of complex structures, especially high buildings with glass curtain wall.

To avoid danger, lofty or hanging objects, such as transformer, pole, street lamps, billboards, crane.

Learn how to protect ourselves from the earthquake is important for everyone.And after the earthquake ,the help from the government is also plays an important role in the earthquake.During the search of survival, the auxiliary light is necessary. JGL rechargeable magnetic remote control searchlight is absolute a good option for rescuing the survivals.Magnetic base can be firmly absorbed on cars and with car cigarette lighter which can be recharged on cars any time.


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