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Factory Outlet Cree Hunting Lights 27W Led Handheld Spotlight 12v Cigar Lighter

★Hi-tech polycarbonate lens

★Aluminance alloy head

★High brightness and super lightweight

★Different reflector size option(120mm/150mm)

★High Impact Resistant Polymer ABS Housing 

★Rubber ON / OFF Switch perfectly positioned for easy use

Color Option

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  • Model: 5JG-NFC150-27W
  • Rated Power: CREE 3W*9PCS
  • Rated Brightness: 2000lm
  • Luminous Efficacy: 74 Lm/W
  • Housing Material: ABS Polymer & Aluminum Alloy

1.Cree Hunting Lights uses nine high output 3W Cree LEDs and an advanced reflector and 4.75" lens configuration to generate 2,000 lumens with a beam reach of over 1,600 feet while drawing only 27 watts of power.

2.The unique shape and shallow contour of the reflector is paired with a 4.75" convex lens and inset lens position to efficiently capture and project a focused beam of light while reducing the light spillage and waste that is common with many spotlights.

3..Cree Hunting Lights offers operators a versatile and powerful handheld lighting solution for a wide variety of different locations including warehouses, garages, shops, farm buildings and storage facilities just to name a few. 


Subject : 5JG-NFC150-27W

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